Visualizing GPS Tracks

In a proof of concept, I wanted to see what kind of visualization I could pull together for a GPS track that I collected with Google’s My Tracks application.  To get this video, my approach was as follows, potentially roundabout:

  • Collect/save GPS track with My Tracks
  • Download CSV of GPS track points, which includes speed and time fields
  • Plot CSV as points in ArcMap
  • Convert points to line
  • Spatial join of points and line to apply speed and time fields to line
  • Symbolize by speed categories
  • Export to Google Earth using Export to KML with time stamps pulled from time field
  • Create tour in Google Earth
  • Export to movie with Google Earth Pro’s Movie Maker

2 Responses to “Visualizing GPS Tracks”

  1. peter Says:

    Thanks for the post…looks very nice. I would also like to see it done without using ESRI’s ArcGIS. What do you think?

    • tsinn Says:

      Thanks for the note, Peter. I hear you about the ArcGIS thing, and I do believe that this process is possible without using it, though it’s what I have at my fingertips and so it often becomes the default, unfortunately. I definitely think that you could go through a similar process in Quantum GIS or another open source desktop software, but I haven’t given it a try yet.

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