US Unemployment Map

My former boss, Tommy Albo, imported centroids of unemployment data by county to Google Earth and quickly compiled this pretty amazing visualization.  The numbers come from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and represent unemployment levels as of December, 2008.  Download the original county data or a PDF map from Primary Data Source.  This was all brought to our attention through The Society for Conservation GIS email list, and a post by Gina Clemmer at New Urban Research, Inc.  Thanks to Tommy and Gina!  Enough links?  Okay, the goods are below.  Notice the Southeast, Upper Midwest and the West Coast.


7 Responses to “US Unemployment Map”

  1. Disturbing visual: US unemployment data plugged into Google Earth | GPS Obsessed Says:

    […] via the swordpress […]

  2. mike Says:

    Someone should overlay this map on top of election results.

    Just to see.

  3. California unemployment, for economics classrooms « Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub Says:

    […] unusual unemployment map, below.  From The Swordpress Another unemployment map, national, for December 2008, The Swordpress Possibly related posts: […]

  4. 美国失业人口统计图,google earth « Mweiguo’s Blog Says:

    […] 详细: kml文件: […]

  5. Dave Says:

    this is great! are you guys planning on doing any updates or know if any one else has updated?

  6. MayHemm Says:

    overlay it on top of the plans for the Nafta Super Highway…

  7. Disturbing Visual: Us Unemployment Data Plugged Into Google Earth | GPS devices Says:

    […] via the swordpress […]

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