Pennsylvania LIDAR

Rumor has it that Pennsylvania’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources is flying all about the great Keystone State collecting and then processing LIDAR data.  They are creating 3.2-meter DEMs and 2-foot contours from the data, which kind of blows my mind, and is really impressive.  So far, it looks as though Luzerne County data are posted on the Penn State PASDA clearinghouse site, and rumor also has it that at some point, raw LIDAR data will be released.  So what that means is that you will be able to analyze canopy, understory, and ground elevations for some random forest in middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania.  And this, I think, is brilliant.  Well done, Pennsylvania.


4 Responses to “Pennsylvania LIDAR”

  1. mike Says:

    This has been in place for a few years now. The data is going to be released on a county by county basis starting as soon as the QA/QC is done.

    In Erie County, PA, we were supposed to get our LiDAR in July, but it has been pushed back to the end of October.

    What’s important to realize here is that the 2008 PA budget did NOT include the PAMAP project in as a line item. What this means is the great ortho images that are available covering the whole state will not be flown or updated again. The initial plan was to have each third of the state (western, central, eastern) reflown and processed every three years, thereby releasing new orthos every year for a different section.

    The LIDAR end of the project is also being affected in that only the western third of the state will be getting the LIDAR as the funding was cut right before the other thirds could be flown and processed.

    As far as I known, there have been no plans to try and resuscitate the PAMAP program in the next budget, although there was a moderate effort put towards trying to keep it in this year’s budget.

  2. Jarlath Says:

    A great way to reduce the costs of orthophoto acquisition is to partner with NAIP. We did this in VT, for $20k our NAIP was “upgraded” to a 4-band digital product with precision control. The catch is that NAIP is always leaf-on and the GSD is 1m, but leaf-on is great for automated feature extraction in combination with LiDAR.

  3. mike baker Says:

    PA LiDAR is available via PASDA for the southwestern portion of the state now. Pittsburgh and about a 100mile radius

  4. Al Bolivar Says:

    We at Triangle Aerial Surveys, Inc. in Raleigh, NC are working for the FAA on some airport projects in PA, providing obstruction surveys. We are in need of LiDAR data (bare-earth data, approximately 8 miles long parallel to the runway by 1.5 miles wide centered at each runway) the for the following airport areas:
    IPT= Williamsport Municipal
    CXY= Capital City
    JST= John Murtha Johnston-Cambria County
    LBE= Arnold Palmer Regional

    Please let me know if these areas are available and what would be the procedure to get this data.
    Thank you for your help.

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