Society for Conservation GIS – 1

Oooooo, live blogging…I feel like I’ve come a bit unprepared for this conference down at Asilomar (between Monterey and Carmel, California), as I have been extremely busy at work these days.  So this will stand in as my contribution.  After going for an amazing run in the fog along Asilomar State Beach this morning, and after a hearty breakfast, I made my way over to the keynote speech.  Paul Beier, a conservation biologist, not a GISer by trade, but someone who understands the application of GIS (as or more important as the GIS analyst, in my opinion), gave a great speech about wildlife corridors in California.  232 corridors have been identified as crucial connections between large protected areas of animal habitat.  69 of these corridors are in Southern California.  1 of these corridors has been protected, which included the deconstruction of an offramp and highway underpass (amazing).  So, 231 more to go, but it’s becoming a hot issue these days, to the point that Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base and California Department of Transportation are partnering with Beier’s organization, South Coast Wildlands.


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