Radiohead & GIS

Wow.  Radiohead’s new video is totally inspiring and impressive.  And the best thing is, they provided all of the data for compiling the video in CSV format (since there were no images that were used in the video, just 3d data).  Well, I brought the points for frame 1 into ArcMap, and got some pretty incredible visualizations.  Here we have Thom Yorke in all his digital glory…


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5 Responses to “Radiohead & GIS”

  1. JD Godchaux Says:

    Oh, how cool is that. Nice job Swordpress! What might be pretty cool to see is these data rasterized and then a hillshade applied. You might be able to then superimpose Thom on Mt. Rushmore! 🙂

  2. tsinn Says:

    Hey, thanks JD. I’ve got a couple plans with these data…actually, the possibilities are endless! Pretty exciting stuff coming out of the Radiohead camp these days. Pushing boundaries of art/data.

  3. rgregory Says:

    Since you have side scan LIDAR, maybe you could pull up a Benthic Terrain Model toolbar up and do a rugosity of his face.
    Or maybe a 3D ArcScene fly by his nose if there is elevation data.
    Pretty cool, let the world know that GIS rocks in pop culture too.

  4. tsinn Says:

    I’m working on some fly-bys, rgregory. Post 2 will come tonight, hopefully.

  5. Radiohead & GIS 2 « The Swordpress Says:

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