Oregon Forests

One of my clients is looking at old growth forests in Oregon, and sent me over to the Pacific Northwest Interagency Monitoring Program to acquire some Late Successional and Old Growth (LSOG) base grids for acreage calculations. The data are coded very nicely into categories of average tree diameter, single or multiple canopy, and coniferous/deciduous/mixed. It made it pretty easy to separate the older growth forests from the rest of the data. And in this case, as in some other examples I’ve shown, good data = good cartography. We can start to get a great sense of the landscape of the Hood River/Mount Hood region.


One Response to “Oregon Forests”

  1. Christo Says:

    USFS Mt. Hood (http://www.fs.fed.us/r6/data-library/gis/mthood/data-library.html) has some great datasets – LSOG, habitat, nesting sites, etc. Our user’s group (HSU GIS) ran across it when we were working on a GIS analysis for a proposed LNG pipeline slated to cut across the southern boundary of the forest.

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