Marin County Building Footprints

Dear Marin, your GIS data are great. Seriously. Who inventories building footprints on a regional level, let alone at all? Anyways, just wanted to check in and tell you to keep up the good work.


3 Responses to “Marin County Building Footprints”

  1. Christopher Schmidt Says:

    MassGIS does:

  2. jxn Says:

    I believe this was built by Pixxures – I remember there was an RFP out, my company bid a fair price, and these clowns came in claiming they would do it in the same amount of time – 3 months, for a super low price. They ended up taking over a year.

  3. tsinn Says:

    Thanks, Christopher, for linking out to another great source of building footprints. MassGIS, generally, is on top of their game.

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