Patterns in the streets?

A fellow San Francisco mapper sent me these images to post. Definitely great things going on here, and very much in line with my data/art theme. Taking geographic data (the streets of San Francisco), what do you see in the negative space between the streets? If you’re anything like our guest cartographer, you should find a “tuxedo fish, chicken rider, the drunk cat, alien guy, and the juggler.” Below you will see a map of just San Francisco’s streets followed by the original findings.

Update: If anyone is interested in submitting their own discoveries, you can send your maps to Julia Kernitz (the cartographer).  Her email address is jkernitz at gmail dot com.


2 Responses to “Patterns in the streets?”

  1. O'Maolchathaigh Says:

    Well, I don’t see anything in the B&W street map, but either map shows a man’s head in profile: big nose, thick neck, & pompadour hairstyle.

  2. Patterns in San Francisco’s streets « Hans van der Maarel on GIS and mapping Says:

    […] in San Francisco’s streets Seems like somebody has found some interesting patterns in the San Fransicso street layout. Reminds me of the animals found in the London Underground map […]

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