California Hot Springs

So, this is an interesting data set that my boss came across. It is public data hosted by the California Department of Conservation under the guise of geothermal springs/wells. Mostly used for industrial purposes, the data also show hot springs/wells used for baths and non-commercial uses. Tucked back in the Department of Conservation’s FTP site is a DBF that has coordinates for the springs. Though, as happens often, the longitudes are in the 120’s instead of the -120’s. But with a little bit of tweaking and converting to shapefile, I was able to get some points to visualize on a map. Now, it’s just as easy for me to then toss these points over to Google Earth, post it right here, and have a really accurate layer of hot springs data for the entire state. But I guess this is where Google and I go our separate ways. If you’re feeling really desperate for some time in the hot springs, though, and want to know where to go, you could georeference the larger linked map in Google Earth for more generalized locations. But beyond the individual data points and their locations, I do think that these maps show a very interesting, dynamic picture of California’s landscape.



2 Responses to “California Hot Springs”

  1. Steve Says:

    Hey, what software do you create your maps in? I really like the look of them. It’s not Manifold by any chance is it?

  2. tsinn Says:

    It’s actually mostly in ArcMap. I’ll do a little bit of editing using GIMP or Photoshop, but the majority of everything is done directly in ArcMap.

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